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Dongguan Fengfa Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
(Dongguan Gaoli Ming Hardware Products Co., Ltd.)
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Brief Introduction of Dongguan Fengfa Hardware Products Co., Ltd. (Dongguan Gaoli Ming Hardware Products Co., Ltd.)

     Since its establishment in 1996, Dongguan Fengfa Hardware Products Co., Ltd. (Dongguan Gaoli Ming Hardware Products Co., Ltd.) has been focusing on zinc alloy and aluminum alloy casting. After nearly two decades of struggle, the company has continuously expanded its scale and its quality has been continuously upgraded. Fengfa always improves its technical level and innovation, and provides high-quality and fast service for new and old customers.
    Dongguan Fengfa Hardware Products Co., Ltd. (Dongguan Gaoli Ming Hardware Products Co., Ltd.) is located in Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. The factory is located in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in the south and is close to the Guangzhou business district in the north. It is the center of the Pearl River Delta and is the tandem Pearl River. The main line of the Delta Transportation Hub. Over the years, our company has been adhering to the concept of innovation, actively exploring new ideas, aiming at the development of enterprises with integrity and win-win, and striding forward at the forefront of China's hardware industry. At present, we have the business department, engineering department, production department, tooling department, die-casting department, batching department, tapping department, polishing department, fuel injection/electroplating department, assembly department, quality inspection department and packaging department, etc. From product engineering, mold opening, die casting, product processing to finished product completion through-train service. The company has been focusing on the development of the hardware industry, so that the business scope is more and more extensive. At present, it has involved aluminum alloy heat shields, lighting accessories, furniture accessories, handbag accessories, mobile phone brackets, electronic product casings, key chains, bottle openers, Tableware, photo frames, medals, LOGO cards, ashtrays, jewelry boxes, certificate paper tubes, piggy banks, baby gifts, metal crafts and other fields.
Over the years, the company has strictly followed the IS09001:2000 quality certification system for production management, equipped with advanced and perfect production equipment and inspection equipment at home and abroad. All products must use national standards for testing and inspection to ensure quality and to protect the interests of users. The products not only use high-quality materials, but also exquisite design and unique craftsmanship. They not only have the high-quality and high-grade design concept of international brands, but also combine the actual aesthetic orientation and cultural characteristics of the country, and finally win the recognition of the market, and the new and old customers. Recognition and support. After years of hard work, the company has passed ISO9001 quality certification, EU ROHS environmental certification, China CCC certification, Germany CE certification and other authoritative institutions certification. The company has successfully obtained the “Trademark Registration Certificate” and 10 utility model patents.
    The company has always regarded innovation as the foundation of enterprise development. It not only needs technological innovation, but also innovation in products, markets, management, systems and concepts. The basis of innovation is to implement it on a down-to-earth basis. Businesses and employees constantly challenge themselves and develop self-goal goals that are never complacent. We regard perfection, innovation, pursuit of excellence, and excellence as our goal, which is our ultimate development philosophy.
Feng, is regarded as auspicious bird, commonly used to symbolize auspicious. We believe that the healthy Jinfeng will surely stretch the wings of self-confidence and soar in the sea of business. Fengfa Hardware, will also be "wind and water", ushered in auspicious and happy tomorrow.
   Fengfa Hardware (Gaoli Ming Hardware) provides you with better products and services. We sincerely look forward to working with you.

Dongguan Fengfa Hardware Products Co., Ltd. (Dongguan Gaoli Ming Hardware Products Co., Ltd.)
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